Saturn - The Planet Of Karma

Saturn plays the role of a taskmaster. In fact those who have Saturn as their ruling planet often do not have an easy life. The planet commands them to slog and work hard before they can achieve some amount of success. Discipline and responsibility almost comes naturally to people who are ruled by this planet.

Saturn is the sickle of Chronos, the God of Time. That is why it beseeches us to look at the clock for whatever we need to do ahead. This helps one understand how much time he has at hand to do a certain task and if he can take the leverage of some limit. Even these limits are guided by the Saturn as it eventually helps the individual manage things better. The planet also provides a lot of restrictions in the form of discipline and delay in doing activities.

Saturn acts as a teacher who guides as one learns the lessons of life. Once the individual starts turning old, the planet brings to him a sense of tradition, orthodoxy and wisdom. It congratulates when one withstands all the tests of time. All in all, you could say that the way in which we perform our entire affairs are lorded by the ringed planet, Saturn.

The Significance Of Saturn In Astrology

Saturn is the planet of Karma and thus guides and teaches us all our life. Besides this, it also governs some other aspects like:

  • Astrologically, Saturn is called the Greater Malefic because of its extreme dry and cold nature. The planet represents limits as it is the farthest planet in the solar system and is still visible to the naked eye. This proves its perseverant nature and shows that even the greatest of challenges are possible to meet if one has the correct attitude and has the capability to face them.
  • The planet also represents the cultural and the authoritative influences in the various trends of the society.
  • People who are ruled by Saturn gain their strength through self-limitation, learning as well as planning.
  • The planet also represents the aging process of human beings. We can say if the Sun represents life, Saturn represents death.
  • At times the planet is also depicted as a planet of loneliness and malice. Because it rules restriction it is also connected with physical and symbolic falls, sternness, hard work, poverty and loss.
  • Saturn is also associated with buildings, land and construction work.

How the planet utilizes its energy depends on the birth chart of the person. The sign, its element, the house in which it falls and the positions it makes with other planets, all have an impact on the overall interpretation of the effects of Saturn. If you too have Saturn in your birth chart, then be prepared to face some great challenges in life.

Saturn is the second largest planet in the Solar System and is considered the most beautiful one because of its rings. It takes almost 28-30 years to complete one rotation around the Sun. The planet is a masculine energy and rules the Capricorn and the Aquarius in the 10th and the 11th houses.

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