This ninth zodiac sign is ruled by the Planet Jupiter. People under this sign are highly optimistic. You'd hardly see them in gloom. Also, they are full of patriotism. No wonder many war heroes were Sagittarius.

Sagittarius Personality

Sagittarius people have a great sense of humor. The great legends like Woody Allen, Dick Van Dyke, and Richard Pryor all come under this sun sign! Sit with a Sagittarian for some time and he or she will make you roll with laughter!

Such people are caring and honest. They do not tolerate dishonesty either. Their personality exudes grace and mystery due to their vivid sense of honor. Their charm is such that they command respect naturally. Sagittarians are law abiding. They are generous and full of energy. They harbor conservative ideals and display self control. They are regarded as trustworthy, sincere, and straightforward. Sometimes, they might lose their temper, but they get over it fast. They don't hold grudges too.

Sagittarians harbor a wide outlook on life. This can be seen from the way they talk, the words they use, their actions, and their eating habits. They love excitement and adventure. However, they are enveloped by the fear of their luck running out.

Such people have a moody personality. Although they show appreciable reasoning and perceptive powers, they tend to slip up in their personal life. This creates an emotional burnout, leading to extreme moodiness. Yet, due to their interesting personality, people like to be with them and respect them.

Matters Of Health

Sagittarians harbor a fear of sickness. This makes them bed ridden. They tend to get extremely restless. This exhausts their high levels of energy, thus, slowing down their immune system. Hence, they become immobile, which terrifies them to no end. Also, they need to keep their energy focused to avoid the onset of depression.

Hence, in one way, Sagittarians become their own enemies, kidding about their ailments or tensions, and worrying simultaneously about something wrong happening to them. They need to take adequate rest and perform relaxation exercises to prevent an overindulgence in food and drinks.

Positive Features

  • They are optimistic
  • They are cheerful with a good sense of humor
  • They are honest and frank
  • They perceive life as an adventure
  • They are brimming with energy
  • They are philosophical and intellectual
  • They are opportunistic and have the ability to capture the moments as they come
Negative Features
  • Sometimes, they can get too optimistic to see the realistic side of things
  • They can get careless and irresponsible
  • They are restless as well as tactless
  • They tend to get depressed and show self-pity
  • They tend to take people for granted
  • Primary color: Purple
  • Birthstone: Amethyst, Topaz, and Turquoise
  • Lucky number: 9
  • Lucky day: Thursday
  • Lucky color: Blue and Turquoise
  • Best success point: Outdoors

Sagittarius bonds better with Gemini, Leo, Aries, and Aquarius. The best match is with Leo. The worst match is with Capricorn.

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