Pluto - The Planet Of Power

Pluto is the outermost planet of the Solar System. It is the farthest from the Sun and thus takes the longest to orbit it. Pluto has also been recently discovered (in the year 1930) and is also called the dim one. Lately, Pluto has been relegated to the status of a dwarf planet.

Astrologically, the energy of Pluto is said to be subtle, yet its results could hit extremely hard. The planet is all about change, renewal and rebirth. The planet believes in living with the new. Old things have to be thrown out and replaced with newer things; if not done, Pluto would make you simply reel in misery. The planet instructs one to transcend and convert for the better in the process. This ability of the planet results in an individual turning out to be a stronger and a tougher person.

Astrological Significance Of Pluto

  • Pluto is known to recreate and destroy its creations. It also governs the reproductive system. Besides this, the planet is also held responsible for several behavioral aspects like obsession, kidnapping, compulsion and decay.
  • The planet definitely does not pose a very pretty picture. In fact it is also connected with crime and underworld activities. You could say that the planet governs several seditious activities like dictatorship, terrorism, secrets and undercover. It is like a story of the good vs. the evil. Though here the evil forces are much stronger than the good ones!
  • Besides the above, the planet also rules the atomic power and its intensity.
  • The planet focuses its energy not on individual activities but on what collective masses do.
  • Pluto retreats into the sub consciousness of the masses to look within and even instructs them to act according to its wishes.

The planet is so far way from the Sun that it is always in perpetual darkness. This explains its dark influence. The planet is the third of the modern planets and cannot be seen with the naked eye. And because there is very little known about all modern planets, the calculations based on them have to be dealt with extreme caution. Several astrologers who have tried to include Pluto in their traditional calculations have a mixed opinion of the planet's effects. Some astrologers feel that these planets should not be included in the birth chart calculations.

Pluto also has an irregular orbit and remains in one sign for 14 to over 30 years. So, yet again, much like other trans-Saturn planets, even Pluto's influence is more on a collective basis than a personal one. It influences society transformations with disastrous consequences. The planet pulls out the entire imbalances from the root and replaces it with something new. It is also responsible for the death and the rebirth process. You may feel that being so small the planet's effects would be small too. You are wrong! In spite of being very small, Pluto's influence is huge.

Pluto takes about 248 years to complete its rotation on its orbit around the Sun. It rules Scorpio in the 8th house. It is also the last of the transcendental planets and is the higher octave of planet Mars.

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