Neptune - The Planet Of Illusion

Neptune is among the outermost planets and is comparatively a recent discovery. It was discovered in 1846. It also has an extremely slow orbit around the Sun due to its distance from it.

Neptune is considered changeable and illusionary. Its glyph is the trident of Poseidon, God of the Seas. It is said that Neptune rules the oceans of planet Earth. An individual's dreams, illusions, intangible and mysterious thoughts are all governed by Neptune.

The Significance Of Neptune In Astrology

An individual's spirituality is extremely important to the planet. How one uses his energy for personal and spiritual betterment is guided by his Neptune placement in the birth chart.

Here are some other aspects related to the effects of Neptune:

  • Neptune uses its energy to guide individuals into a meditative state so as to gain insights and higher awareness levels.
  • The planet favors several activities like music, dance and poetry.
  • On the outside, the planet rules all forms of glamour, fashion, and theatre.
  • It has captivating energy to produce an illusion which reveals a enthralling outside along with similar attraction within.
  • People who have Neptune as their ruling planet do not reveal their inner identity easily. Such people can be flatterers who talk sweet on the outside but are conspiring from within.
  • On the darker side, Neptune also plays an important role in the world of alcohol, drugs, trances and hypnosis. People who are affected by the negativities of the planet are chased by several abnormalities like hypochondria and an escapist's attitude.
  • Neptune also lords over the sleep and the dreams of an individual.

Neptune takes almost 165 years to go around the Sun; therefore its effects are also strongly termed as long-term collective changes. It remains in any one sign for about 14 years and represents non-material influences like dreams and illusions. Neptune also brings an end to structures and represents optimistic changes on a social and spiritual level.

People who have a strong Neptune influence are often divine and have a continuous feeling of discontent about their routine and boring existence. Its overall effect depends on their birth chart on the whole and the sign and the house it falls in. Even the positions of the different planets with Neptune have a strong bearing on the interpretation of the birth chart.

Neptune guides one to rise above the materialistic things in life and live beyond one's dreams. It also helps one gain spiritual understanding by making an individual accept the humanity of all that is around him. You could say that the planet's action helps dissolve boundaries. This action ultimately helps one represent his/her optimism, altruism, glamour, delusion and finally the need to perish.

The planet takes 165 years to orbit the Zodiac and roughly remains in a sign for about 14 years. It is a feminine energy that rules Pisces in the 12th house. The planet is also known as the higher octave of planet Venus and is the second among the transcendental planets.

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