Mars - The Planet Of Passion

Mars is called as the action planet of the Zodiac. It is a 'red planet' that is responsible for building the energy, passion and the determination in a person. Mars is considered a ruling planet and often commands one to stand up and get things done. To put it simply, the planet Mars is responsible for power and confidence in an individual.

How Does Mars Affect The Personality Of An Individual?

Mars is like a volcano of energy that has to be released and channeled correctly. If guided properly, it would light up the person's life with desire and mark his destiny as well. But it can also create havoc if left unchecked.

  • Mars influences the character of an individual by controlling several aspects like endurance, discipline and persistence.
  • The position of Mars in the birth chart determines the capacity of how a person can handle the day to day conflicts and frustration.
  • Mars, if suppressed or let down, can lead to serious trouble. If Mars is shown to be in conflict with any other planets, the person is bound to be an extremely angry and violent individual.
  • The presence of Mars in the birth chart also makes the individual extremely ambitious and competitive. Be it at work or at play, this person is ever ready to face challenges and prove that he is the best.
  • Though people who are ruled by Mars are very aggressive, they are also assertive and daring by nature.

One must understand that if their ruling planet is Mars, then the energy that it provides to them can be both constructive as well as destructive. While Mars can be brutally violent, it also harnesses its force for a good cause. You could say that ambition, triumph and strength are all part of the Mars Mantra.

Besides the above, Mars also rules one's sexuality, sexual energy, accidents and surgeries. The last two aspects are according to the yin and yang nature of Mars. If channeled properly, the enormous energy of Mars can prove to be very useful.

Some More Effects Of Mars In Astrology

Mars dictates several activities that are related to the everyday life of an individual. How one determines what he wishes to achieve in life, the considerations before he takes any action, how he can create a momentum for his actions and how he influences others to join him is all ruled by Mars.

Besides being known as the planet of passion, Mars is also called as the God of war. This is for the simple reason that it converts into a complete negative energy when it comes in contact with the Ego. When such conflicts arise, it can result in the total destruction of the person, something like what happened with Hitler who had a similar positioning of Mars in his birth chart.

So if one can channel and give an outlet to this destructive energy and not let it build within, then probably there would be nothing better than the presence of Mars as the ruling planet in his birth chart.

Mars takes two years to complete its orbit on its Zodiac. It is a masculine energy that rules Aries and Scorpio in the 1st and the 8th houses. Its symbol represents the cross of matter exalted over the circle of spirit directed to... (where? no one knows).

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