Love Astrology In An Astrological Natal Chart

Love is one of the most important areas of one's life. Everybody wants to know about the person who he/she is going to share his/her life with. Love is a highly charged topic that intrigues us all. Love astrology can help in shedding light on the various aspects of one's love life. Through the exploration of aspects, placements, and positions in the astrology chart (the natal chart, to be very specific), you can learn a lot about the styles, preferences, and temperaments of an individual.


We all know that Venus is the Goddess of love. The placement of Venus with respect to astrological aspects, signs, and houses plays a very important role. A detailed study will reveal much more about the way we approach love, romance, and relationships.

The Importance Of Fifth, Seventh, And Eighth House

In an astrology chart, there is no single aspect that can explain everything about who and how you love. In order to make reliable interpretations, you have to consider all the aspects or connections to Venus or Mars. Besides that, the consideration of the sign and house placements is also important. In particular, the rulers of the fifth, seventh, and eighth house and the position of any planets in these houses are studied in depth, as it gives a much better view of relationships and how they are going to influence the life of a person.

Total Relationship Picture

In order to reveal the total relationship picture, the position of the planets approaching the Descendant or Ascendant axis is taken into consideration. These are the planets that are aspecting to the degrees on the cusps of the seventh and first houses. Here, it is important for you to note that the planet that aspects the Descendant also aspects the Ascendant. This is because in the seventh band, the first house cusps are directly opposite to each other. The planets that form aspects to Descendant or Ascendant axis deeply influence the quality of relationships with your beloved or spouse.

The Most Powerful Modifiers

The most powerful modifiers in love astrology are the conjunctions to the Descendant or Ascendant. A detailed study of these conjunctions will help you learn whether or not you should propose to a person or accept his/her proposal. For example, the study squares and semi-squares will help you understand how the person runs into conflict with his/her environment. Thus, these conjunctions are like security checkpoints. Likewise, Trines reveals how the person is attracted towards social assets.

Why Do Celebrities Have Several Aspects To Mars Or Venus?

You may wonder why most celebrities have several aspects to Venus or Mars where most of us have just one. Well, this is mainly because of their fans that love them enormously. They fascinate their fans and engage their hearts.

In that case, in order to cover all the dimensions of our relationships, each and every aspect must be studied in detail. You must also have heard about finding a soul mate. Many people wonder if that is possible. Well, love astrology can be a great help in this regard, as it can reveal special connections between people.

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