The seventh zodiac sign, Libra, is ruled by Planet Venus. The element of air in this sun sign creates mental stimulation. Thus, people under this sun sign have an active mind. They approach the world with balance and fairness.

Libra Personality

Librans are harmonious, diplomatic, artistic, and possess a powerful sense of aesthetic beauty. This sign denotes the Scales of Justice. Thus, Librans tend to weigh and evaluate all the evidences to create a balance. They are able to see many sides of an issue or argument. Such people, being more interested in fair play, don't take a final decision till they have scrutinized every bit of information. However, there's never an end to the information that one can collect. Thus, at times, they can be quite indecisive.

Librans are quite sensitive to the happenings around them. Disputes, arguments, and disharmony in a Libran's environment disturb his inner balance and harmony. Therefore, you would find Librans trying to make peace around them. Because of this quality, they tend to be staunch supporters of human rights and equality. But, they rarely put their thoughts into action. Librans hate injustice and pettiness, but they don't apply these principles to themselves.

Librans love sports, travel, and theatre. They have a flair for arts. Such people are delicate in appearance. Librans can be selfish and self willed. They want things to happen their way, otherwise not at all. Any meddling in their independence, thoughts, or action annoys them to no end.

They are highly intuitive, but allow their emotions to veil the truth. Although they are intelligent beings, when it comes to their own emotions, they are impulsive. It has been seen that the gut feeling of a Libra about something or someone is right! Librans have the power to understand the human nature and dig the real motives of people.

Librans daydream a lot due to their high imaginations. Social interaction benefits their energy.

Matters Of Health

In their quest for peace, Librans bury their emotional problems, leading to frustration. Over time, this frustration shows its face in the form of various ailments. Librans are not assertive, thus, if an argument gets overpowering, that causes great stress to them. This results in kidney disorders, back weakness, and eczema.

Librans gorge on sweets to conceal their insecurities. Therefore, they must watch their weight. They are also prone to moodiness and depression. Hence, they need to indulge in fun activities to keep negativity at bay. They must refrain from becoming nervous and irritable, and avoid over-indulgence to prevent serious medical conditions.

Positive Features
  • They are charming, diplomatic, peace loving, and highly talented
  • They are artistic and intuitive
  • They are romantic and generous
  • They are adaptable and affectionate
  • They are sociable
Negative Features
  • They are indecisive and gullible
  • They are selfish at times
  • They daydream and are flirtatious
  • They get discouraged easily
  • They can be short tempered


  • Primary color: Pink
  • Birthstone: Opal
  • Lucky numbers: 6 & 9
  • Lucky day: Friday
  • Lucky color: Pastel Blue
  • Best success point: Social activities

Libra bonds better with Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo, and Pisces. The best match is with Aquarius. The worst match is with Virgo.

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