A Quick Guide On How To Learn Astrology

If you want to learn about astrology, you can use the many resources on the internet. There are an enormous number of websites that are dedicated to astrology. Apart from the internet, there are also many courses one could take up. But if you want to teach yourself astrology, here are a few ways you could go about it.

Buy good books on astrology. Go to a bookshop and browse through the astrology books they have. Look out for well known authors. If you are not sure about the authors, then read the first few pages of the book and see if it is the book you are looking for. Read the author's bio. The important things to look out for are the credentials of the author, experience, previously published works, membership of reputable organizations and so on. Apart from book shops, you could also go to your local library and look for astrology books. If you don't find the books you want anywhere, go on the internet. You will most likely find hard-to-get second hand books there, at a cheap price.

Once you have the books, you have to devise a process of learning. The study of astrology might seem vast and confusing at first. But if you take the time and have the patience, learning slowly will enable you to grasp the basic, fundamental concepts of astrology. When you have the basics in place, your study will progress much faster. For example, you could start with the zodiac signs and once you have them memorized, you could go on a step-by-step basis to the planets and luminaries, angles, houses, planetary patterns, delineation and predictions. You have to be prepared to memorize a lot of information. Astrology has many symbols and all of them have to memorized. One way of remembering the symbols is to practice writing them as you learn them.

To really learn astrology, one of the fundamental requirements is a birth chart. You can get your birth chart free from many astrology sites on the internet. Once you have it, look at it and familiarize yourself with all the various glyphs or symbols in your birth chart. Understand all the different influences that play a part in shaping your life and try to interpret them. When you are comfortable doing this, get the birth charts of your family and friends. Observe and make notes on all the information you get from your study of their charts.

Meet other people who are interested in astrology. Just as learning a new language is easier in the place where the language is spoken, to learn astrology is easier if you can meet with people who have the same interest. You could meet fellow astrologers online or by attending astrology conferences or by joining an organization. You could also opt for taking a few astrology classes. If you can't find a course near you, go online. There are many free and paid courses available where you can learn astrology.

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