Jupiter - The Planet Of Luck

Jupiter is known as the 'King of Gods'. It is one of the brightest planets in the skies. It in fact is the only heavenly object that travels across the Solar System. The Romans had named the planet Zeus, after the son of Cronus (Saturn). Cronus was considered the king of Greek Gods and is depicted as a man with a ram's head.

Astrologically, Jupiter is considered as the great benefited mainly because of its fertile nature. It is called so, because it is warmer than Saturn and not as hot as Mars. As the ruling planet in the birth chart, it provides wisdom, freedom and tolerance to a person.

Significance Of Jupiter In Astrology

You could say that Jupiter is a thinking person's planet.

  • It acts as a guardian to an abstract mind and rules the higher learning capabilities in an individual.
  • People who have Jupiter as their ruling planet are blessed with a desire to explore newer ideas both spiritually and intellectually.
  • The nature of the planet helps people form ideologies in life. For the more spiritual individuals, it helps them rule over their values and even their religion.
  • Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and travels the longest distance on its orbit. Similar is the case with people who are ruled by Jupiter. They too have to search hard to get the right answers to their problems.
  • Planet Jupiter compels a person to assess principles and moral values and at the same time also deal optimistically with them.
  • People who are ruled by Jupiter are often blessed with good fortune and lots of luck. The planet urges these people to grow and flourish though not always in a positive manner.
  • The planet also acts as a judge, a jury and often as a helpmate who makes sure that the person follows the right path in whatever he does.
  • While the planet helps all accomplishments and successes in one's life, it has a dark side to it too. Jupiter's large size aids deterioration, laziness and a sluggish behavior. So people who are ruled by Jupiter are more likely to be overweight than others.
  • Jupiter guides one along the correct fruitful path.

The planet also rules several leisure activities as well as all kinds of sports. So all your daily physical activities like a stroll in the park or your daily participation in the neighborhood game is also ruled by Jupiter.

If Jupiter holds a strong position in one's birth chart then the person is bound to gain a lot of wealth both materialistically and spiritually. With its extremely positive nature, you could say that Jupiter is one of the greatest friends of the heavens above.

On The Birth Chart

Jupiter visits an average of one sign a year and takes 12 years to circle the Zodiac. Jupiter is a masculine energy and rules the Sagittarius and the Pisces in the 9th and the 12th houses.

If you have a strong Jupiter in your birth chart, there is nothing that can stop you from gaining a great fortune. In fact, the planet's influence would guide you into increasing the positive effects of your professional, personal and spiritual life.

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