Elements In Astrology: Fire

Elements are basic blocks of interpretation for the Western system of astrology. People are classified into elements based on their date of birth. There are four elements, which are denoted by the four entities in nature: fire, earth, water, air. People of three different sun signs come under each element. People who belong to the element fire are highly energetic and born leaders. They display supreme self-confidence, in some cases bordering even to a degree of narcissism. They tend to be extremely dismissive of highly emotional and sentimental behavior.

The Fire Of Self-Belief

The sun signs of the people of fire are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. People of fire are dynamic and ambitious. They grow exponentially like fire, especially in professional front. They have that rare ability to attract all the attention and limelight to themselves. They also have the intellectual capacity to justify such a disproportionate attention. They will not be shy to express their creative and artistic abilities, even if the abilities may not be of top class.

People who belong to the element fire do not like to play second fiddle. They are the people who get things done rather than do things by themselves. They can be quite dominant on others, if the others happened to be shy and weak. They get along well with those they respect and have similar traits. They are said to have good relationship compatibility with the people of air.

Although most of the people who belong to fire are a bit bossy type, they can be tender and romantic in relationships. They know and believe that they have a sort of magnetic charm that attracts the opposite sex to them. They never stoop low to conquer. Victory in every aspect comes naturally to them.

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