Astrological Significance Of Planet Earth

Locating any information regarding the astrological significance of Earth is quite difficult. This is because of the fact that we are earthlings and we view the skies from the planet itself. Hence, Earth is not mentioned among the planets in astrology as it can't be seen in heaven.

Even though Earth is not among the planets observed by astrologers, it still does play an extremely important role as one of the four basic elements. Its qualities include:

  1. Stability
  2. Grounded nature
  3. Down to earth attitude
  4. Dependability
  5. Seriousness

Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo are Earth signs.

Heliocentric Astrology

Other than geocentric astrology, there is another is kind of astrology known as the heliocentric astrology. Here, all the planets are observed from the Sun and Earth is also one of the planets that is studied. It uses earth-related points that start from the horizon (Ascendant and Descendant) and the geological meridian of planet earth (Midheaven, IC).

Heliocentric Astrology uses an astrological chart quite like the traditional astrology. The only difference lies in the map's viewpoint. Even this map contains the various positions of the twelve signs of zodiac like the traditional chart, except for the fact that the heliocentric map has the Sun in the center instead of the traditional maps that have the Earth as their center.

But because there are still a large number of unanswered questions related to heliocentric astrology, it is not being widely adopted. Hence, Earth does not find a place for itself in the traditional astrology that all of us go for.

Significance Of Planets In Astrology

Planet is a term used by both astrologers and astronomers that refers to the same planets that comprise our Solar System. The names of our planets are listed in an outward order from the Sun: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

Astrology also refers to the planets as two heavenly bodies that are also called the Lights or the Luminaries. They are called as the lights because they reflect the light of the Sun to our planet Earth. Besides the planets, astrology also takes in the star: Sun and the Satellite: Moon as part of the zodiac signs.

The Nature Of Earth

Even though Earth is not considered as one of the planets studied by astrologers, here are some other aspects related to the nature of earth.

  • Earth is the soul-centered ruler of Sagittarius. Its position can be found 180 degrees from the natural position of the sun.
  • The Earth's position in the chart represents a solid path that each and every individual has to pass with each incarnation.
  • It is also known as a fusion of one's animal nature and the Soul. Wherever it lays in the chart, there is bound to be a big conflict. In fact the arrows of Sagittarius target the field of the Earth.
  • The Sun, in turn, provides the creative essence that has to be brought into each incarnation. Earth which is opposite in position of the Sun shows points where the creativity has to be expressed.
  • Saturn works parallel to the Earth and share the same mental nature that is connected by the Law of Karma.

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Significance Of Planets In Astrology

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