Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign of astrology and is ruled by the moon. People under this sun sign are courageous, loving, and self-assertive. They love freedom and are ready to take initiatives. They value their family and friends more than wealth or fame. They have strong intuitive powers and are highly imaginative. They are best suited for creative jobs.

Cancer Personality

Cancerians have a caring and sympathetic personality. They can actually feel your pain, be it emotional, physical, or financial. It's no wonder that Cancerians are considered as one of the most caring people of the world. They are always willing to help, provided you don't take advantage of them.

Cancerians are emotional people with a knack to nurture others. Hence, often you may find such people with pets. They don't like to take risks. They have a direct and forceful personality. Such people are usually innovative and will burn the midnight oil to make their venture successful.

It's not wrong to say that Cancerians exhibit dual nature. One is the soft side that is for their family and social network. The other is the hard side that can make them quite self-centered and forceful. For their loved ones, they are quite protective and defensive.

On the other side, they can be shrewd and creative, with a sharp perception power. They display strong concentration and are meditative. Their minds are analytical. Thus, they make the best students with their ability to grasp almost anything that they are determined to.

Due to their dual nature, they are like crabs - softer on the inside and with a hard shell outside. Their outer appearance seems to be tough, but deep inside, they are highly sensitive and caring.

Matters Of Health

Due to their inability to express their innermost feelings, Cancerians are prone to emotional turbulences. They are not open and prefer to suffer in silence. Life's uncertainties may put them under great stress, causing gastric disorders, which is one of the biggest health concerns of Cancerians. Obesity and heartburn are also to be watched out for.

Another health concern for Cancerians is water retention. Such people should refrain from eating fatty foods. They should try to express their emotions and share their suffering to avoid gastric ulcers. They are advised to watch their diet, as they are prone to overeating due to their tendency to worry more.

Positive Features
  • They are loving, sensitive, and nurturing
  • They are emotional beings
  • They are cautious and clever
  • They are creative souls with great intuition
  • They are protective and sympathetic
Negative Features
  • They are moody
  • They may get indecisive at times
  • They can be clingy and possessive
  • They cannot express their feelings
  • They may suffer from inferiority complex due to the suppression of their emotions
  • They hold on to the past


  • Primary color: Silver
  • Birthstone: Moonstone or Pearl
  • Lucky numbers: 3 & 8
  • Lucky day: Friday
  • Lucky colors: White and Silver
  • Best success point: On or near water

Cancer bonds better with Pisces, Taurus, Scorpio, and Virgo. The best match is with Cancer and Taurus. The worst match is with Aries.

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