Birthday Astrology - Numbers Tell The Truth

Birthday astrology is the study of astrology horoscope charts and birth date numerology. It helps to identify one's real personality features, strengths and life paths. Birthday astrology is all about identifying the positions of these heavenly bodies at the time of your birth.

The heavenly bodies affect humans, earth and the whole universe. The ways in which the relative positions of celestial objects affect your life, life path, capabilities, aspirations, etc can be recorded in a birth chart. Also known as horoscope or natal chart, the birth chart is prepared on the basis of the positions of planets, stars and constellations at the time of your birth. The exact positions of the stars, planets, etc are recorded in a map-like chart, called horoscope. This horoscope or birth chart can give detailed information about your personality, your potential life paths and a lot more. The horoscope gives details about your relations, goals, career, financial conditions, health, family, etc.

Birthday astrology is based on 12 sun signs in Western Astrology. In Indian astrology, there are 28 star signs, depending on the day of your birth. There can also be two stars on the same day, depending on the time of the day. Comparison of birth charts of potential bride and groom by a family priest is still the practice among Hindus of India.

Birthday astrology can tell you in detail about the potential life paths you have before you. There can be differences in the potential life path and real life path. It can also lead to conflicts. If you are not successful in your career, family life, business, etc, the most important reason can be this conflict. If you know your potential, you can choose a career path and utilize that potential. This can be the key to a happy and fulfilling life.

To make accurate birthday readings, the astrologer has to check various factors. He/she will check the date of birth, time of birth, etc. He/she will then check the position of various stars/constellations, planets, sun and moon.

However, checking one's personality with his/her birthday is not a simple task. You need to have a good understanding of numerology and astrology before you can reach accurate conclusions about your friends. Although you can get some information from here and there, you can't make accurate personality predictions for your friends.

Try to make predictions only after several months of careful study of astrology and numerology. If you try to predict someone's personality or future in a day or two, it will be a futile exercise.

Everything is pre-written. Your date and time of birth determines several important facets of your life. Your creative energies, health, etc are controlled by the alignment of the planets, stars, sun and moon at the time of your birth. Given the right opportunities, you can go ahead and meet the challenges of your real life path. Learning birthday astrology can empower you a great deal. If not, you can just get accurate readings by an expert astrologer to identify your own true potential.

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