The Construction Of Astrology Horoscope In Different Forms Of Astrological System

Astrology horoscope is a diagram or chart that represents the positions of sensitive angles, various astrological aspects, the Sun, Moon, and other planets. The horoscope is constructed at the time of a special event, such as birth, marriage, the commencement of a new business, and other such things. However, most of the times when one talks about horoscope, it is basically about the natal or birth chart.

The Concept

Horoscope is constructed as a stylized map of the heavens, specifying the positions of the planets, as viewed from Earth. In most cases, the perspective is geocentric, but in some forms of astrology, the horoscope is heliocentric.

Besides the positions of the various planets, various other factors are also taken into consideration, such as fixed stars, zodiac signs, ascendant, the house cusps, the lunar nodes, and the lots. Based on all other factors, the angular relationships between the planets are also studied. These angular relationships are referred to as the astrological aspects. However, different forms of astrology use and emphasize on different elements in a horoscope chart.

Horoscopes In Western Astrology

When it comes to the construction of a horoscope, the first thing that the astrologer needs to know is the exact time and place of the initiation of the event. However, they do not use the local standard time. They convert it to Universal Time or the Greenwich Mean Time. In order to calculate the midheaven and the ascendant, the time is then further converted into the local sidereal time. Ephemeris is the next thing that they use. This is a set of tables that lists the position of the planets for a specific sidereal time, date, and year. The exact location is listed with respect to either the fixed stars or the northern hemisphere vernal equinox. The method varies depending upon the form of astrology that they are using.

The next step is to figure out the true Local Mean Time at the place of the event. They calculate it by adding or subtracting the difference between the longitude of the place of the event and the longitude of Greenwich. Since the astrologer uses the set of tables, the chart includes those planets as well that are hidden from view beneath the earth. The chart includes twelve divisions (astrological houses) around the circle of the ecliptic. The horoscope chart thus begins with a framework of twelve astrological houses. The relative positions of the zodiac signs are then established in these twelve houses. And, then the planets are positioned at their rightful celestial longitudes (as per the Ephemeris).

Horoscope As Per Eastern Astrological Systems

In the Chinese astrological system, the symbolism of the Chinese zodiac is used for the construction of the horoscope. As per the Chinese zodiac, animals and elements are associated with each year, based on a sexagenary cycle. However, these symbolisms do not have much significance. They have nothing to do with accurate predictions. It seems as if their main purpose is to create amusement only.

However, if we talk about the modern tradition, we can see that newspapers and magazines include these Chinese symbolisms alongside the Western horoscopes.

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