Frequently Asked Questions About Astrology Charts

There are many types of astrology charts available. There are birth charts or natal charts, relationship compatibility charts, daily horoscopes...the list goes on. If you are an avid astrology watcher, you must be familiar with all these kinds of charts, as these charts make frequent appearances on the astrology websites and magazines. In simple terms, these charts are pictorial representations of the alignment of heavenly bodies and the interpretation of the influence of planets, stars, and moon on the individuals.

Here are some frequently asked questions about astrology charts and their answers.

Are These Scientific?

Yes. These are indeed scientific and make use of the basic rules and conventions of astronomy. In fact, a majority of astronomy scientists and researchers can construct the birth chart of a person with great precision if the exact time of birth and place are available. Constructing a birth chart is not extremely difficult. Anybody who has an interest in the topic and patience for drawing and marking painstakingly can construct an accurate birth chart.

However, the interpretation of the position may not be always scientific. Qualified and experienced astrologers can use the chart to pinpoint some peculiar character traits or predict the relationship compatibility of two individuals. However, fraudulent astrologers make use of these charts to mislead the people and extract money from hapless victims.

Are The Predictions Accurate?

Well, it depends. If you follow a good astrologer, he or she can predict things pretty accurately from the astrology chart. On the other hand, if the astrologer you choose to consult is incompetent, then your stars are indeed in a poor position as you will get predictions based on the imagination of the astrologer rather than the alignment of heavenly bodies on the chart.

What Sort Of Data Do I Have To Provide?

You have to provide the place of birth and the exact date and time of birth. All these three kinds of information are absolutely essential and any inaccuracies in them result in misleading and inaccurate interpretation. The stellar orientation and planetary position change after each second. Therefore, it is necessary to provide exact information. Normally, people think about birth time in the denominations of thirty minutes or one hour. However, for getting accurate astrology charts, one has to provide precise and accurate information.

If one wants relationship compatibility charts as well, one has to provide the place, date, and time of birth of both the individuals.

How Can I Get A Chart?

The best way is to make a chart by you. You can get information about making the chart from the internet. It is not an easy task; but it helps you to learn the basic aspects of both astronomy and astrology. Once you make a chart, you can interpret the positions in the chart with the help of an astrology book, magazine, or website.

Many websites also offer various astrology charts free of cost. You only have to enter the place, date, and time of birth. While you have to input the date and time, you select a particular place that is nearest to your actual place of birth from a list. This way, you can obtain the chart along with a detailed interpretation within seconds.

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