A Bone Of Success: Wishbone

Wish bone, the name itself, is suggestive of an object used for wish fulfillment. In Euro American culture, there are three very auspicious objects used as Talismans for good luck. The first in the series is horse shoe, the other being clover's leaves and the last is the wishbone. In Britain, it is known as the "merry bone".

Wish bone is the bone overlying on the breastbone, which is taken out while carving the fowl, or chicken or a turkey. The bone is dried by keeping it out in sun, or heating it up.

It is believed that the wish bone should be held by two people at both the ends and each person must make a wish and then pull the bone from his or her end. The moment the bone breaks, the person who gets the bigger piece will have his/her wish fulfilled. It is said that if the bone breaks evenly then the luck is conferred on both the people holding it.

However, the belief also goes that the wish must not to be disclosed as it may not come true. The bone itself does not carry luck as such; but once broken, it bestows luck on the person with the larger piece. Lots of people have faith in this tradition of wish bone.

Nowadays because of awareness of animal rights, the tradition is not followed much. However, there are various greeting cards and postcards along with good luck charm coins with pictures of the wish bone for wishing good luck to the recipient. In the early 1900s, there were gold and silver coins with pictures of "merry bone'.

The tradition of good luck charm is there in every country and at times it feels good that there are things which help make our life better. These good luck charms make life very content and happy. Even if they don't have magical powers, they are still effective as they help in building up the confidence level of a person.