Is Your Favorite Color Red?

You choice of a single color over other colors can tell a lot about your personality and temperament. If you are favor red then following are the qualities you probably possess.

Personality Traits

People who love red:

  • Are of an outgoing nature.
  • Do not act on impulse, but have sudden mood swings.
  • Have a lot of compassion for others and can easily be influenced.
  • Have a positive approach to life and don't hesitate to grumble on the wrong either.
  • Are assertive and voice their opinions often.
  • Have a strong sex drive due to which they often land up getting involved in extramarital affairs.

Other than the above, people who love red act more and are more emotional than others.

What Does Red Stand For?

  • Passion and warmth
  • Vigor and excitement
  • Strength and vitality

Crimson shade stands for the painful facets of life

Pink shade suggests maternal affection

Red also has some medical advantages. It is used to treat irregularities related to blood circulation. Besides, when a person is exposed to red color, his pituitary gland gets activated which leads to the adrenal gland secreting adrenalin. When this adrenalin starts flowing in the person's blood stream, a host of physiological activities take place. These are:

  • The blood pressure and the pulse rate increases.
  • The respiratory rate gets better.
  • The taste buds become more receptive which leads to an improvement in appetite.
  • The sense of smell gets strengthened.
  • The autonomic nervous systems starts to function better which in turn aids involuntary reactions.