The Rabbit's Foot: A Lucky Charm Of Fortune

Lucky charms have always been a part of our society. And one such lucky charm in America has been the Rabbit's foot. It was considered to be lucky by the African Americans who used it to practice "hoodoo". Later on, it became popular all over America. The learned lot too could not stay away from this lucky charm and people started carrying it in their pockets for luck.

This charm though has lots of conditions attached to it. It is said that only the left hind foot of a rabbit caught or shot in a cemetery on a particular day in a particular lunar position is effective. Some scriptures suggest a full moon, some no moon and some find the presence of moon immaterial. There are other scriptures which suggest Friday the 13th as a good day and a lot many of them believe that any Friday date is fine. These conditions are laid down to enhance the effectiveness of these charms.

The rabbit's foot is generally cut and dried. Then it goes for dying and carving to be sold as a fate enhancer. Some theories suggest that this charm brings prosperity and monetary gain while others believe that it invokes sexual powers. But the early believers used it in practicing hoodoo magic to calm down the bad spirits.

The prevalence of rabbit's foot charm nowadays is reduced because of animal rights. However it is still practiced by the people residing in Southern America and African- Americans. From gamblers to politicians, everybody has used this good luck charm. Rabbit's foot has been an important part of the American culture and still is.

Though, these days the hind left foot is not widely used but postcards, greetings and coins with pictures of the rabbit's foot are available for luck.