Is Purple Your Choice?

Your choice of one color over other colors can say a lot about the kind of person you are. If you prefer purple over other colors then read on to know more about your traits and the psychological and physiological effects of the color purple.

Personality Traits

People who love purple are intelligent and sharp. They have an eye for detail and notice even those things that are mostly overlooked by others. These people get enraged at even the slightest provocation and are extremely demonstrative in expressing their grief. Purple lovers are also very creative but at the same time egoistic. They have a refined taste.

Psychological Effects Of Purple

Traditionally, purple is considered as a symbol of regal magnificence and is associated with wealth and richness. Due to its fast vibration in the spectrum it is also the fastest to disappear. In all its positive aspects, purple helps one gain a mastery over oneself besides helping one search for reality and creativity. If on one hand purple stands for honor, then on the other hand, it also denotes deception and pretense.

Physiological Effects Of Purple

  • Purple lessens sunburn conditions due to its antibacterial and purifying abilities.
  • It also helps maintain the body's metabolism and represses hunger.
  • Light purple has also been used by doctors as an anesthesia in minor operations.
  • Purple is associated with the right side of the brain which stimulates intuition and imagination.
  • The color is associated with peace. It helps fight shock and fear.