Pineapple And Its Relation With Fruit Astrology

Fruit astrology, a new fad in the field of astrology deals with letting one know more about themselves through their likes and dislikes in fruits. This helps them know and understand their qualities. Here we are going to talk about the relationship of pineapple with fruit astrology. If you love to eat the fruit, then read on to know the kind of person you are.

But before that, let us know some things about the fruit, pineapple.

More On Pineapple

Pineapple is an edible tropical plant that is native to the Southern Brazil and Paraguay. It grows on an herbaceous perennial plant that grows to 1-1.5 meters tall and has 30 or more trough-shaped and pointed leaves that are 3-100 cm long. Pineapple is a multiple fruit with spirally arranged flowers along the axis of each fruit. It grows as a single fruit along each axis and is extremely fleshy.

Pineapple besides being eaten raw is also commonly used in desserts and other fruit dishes.

Pineapple - Fruit Astrology

  • Pineapple lovers are generally very quick to decide and even quicker to deliver.
  • They are also very brave when it comes to making career changes.
  • They also have some extremely good organizing abilities and never get scared no matter how hard the task might be.
  • Pineapple lovers are self-reliant and honest in their dealings.
  • They rarely make friends, but if they do they make them for life.
  • Because of their genuine qualities they are quite popular with the opposite sex. But because of their inability to show affection, they often leave their partner disappointed.