Papaya And Its Relation With Fruit Astrology

Fruit astrology is an interesting form of astrology. It deals in letting an individual know more about his personality traits through his likes and dislikes in fruits. With the help of fruit astrology, a person can know more about his inner and outer self and make appropriate changes in his personality. Here we will talk about papaya and its relation with fruit astrology.

Before we move on to the character traits of papaya lovers, let us know some more about the fruit, papaya.

More On Papaya

Papaya is a native to the tropics of the Americas and was first cultivated in Mexico before the emergence of the other cultures. Back then it was also known as the 'big melon' or the 'pay paw'.

Papaya tastes vaguely similar to pineapple and peach, though milder in tartness. When the fruit is ripe it feels soft and its skin attains amber to orange hue. It grows on a large tree which has a single stem that grows to 5-10 meters tall with spirally arranged leaves. The leaves are arranged only at the top of the tree with the lower trunk bearing the fruit.

Papaya- Fruit Astrology

  • If you are a papaya lover then you must be a truly fearless person.
  • You take everything that happens in stride and also give considerable thought to everything you do.
  • Because of your good sense of humor and generous nature, you remain in the good books of people.
  • You are also an achiever where your professional life is concerned and have the knack of being at the right place at the right time.
  • You love traveling, seeing sights and meeting new people whenever you can.
  • You are popular among the opposite sex mainly because of your charming nature and good sense of humor.