Orange And Its Relation With Fruit Astrology

Fruit astrology is a widely known form of astrology. It deals with letting an individual know more about his personality traits depending upon his likes and dislikes for fruits. This helps a person know more about his persona. Once he knows more about self, he can easily make the required changes in his personality.

If you are a fruit lover and especially love to eat oranges, then read on to know more about the kind of person you are. But before that, here is some interesting stuff on oranges.

More About Oranges

Oranges are eaten all over the world. They mostly grow in the warmer climates. The taste of the fruit can range from sweet to sour. Oranges are commonly peeled and the flesh inside is eaten or taken out for extracting juice. The thick rind of the fruit can be processed and made into animal feed.

The fruit is extremely rich in Vitamin C. Other than being eaten raw, the fruit is also used to extract sweet orange oil which is used as a flavoring agent in foods and drinks. Oranges are sweet smelling fruits that are loved by one and all.

Orange - Fruit Astrology

  • An orange lover is a person of great patience and will power.
  • Though you do things slowly, you make sure that everything is done thoroughly and completed on time.
  • You are a hard worker and are never daunted by the thought of doing lots of work.
  • You are a shy individual but are extremely reliable and trustworthy too.
  • Once in love, you give it your best shot and don't care for flings.
  • You prefer to avoid conflicts of all kinds.