Do You Love Orange Color?

One's choice of a particular color over other colors says a lot many things you. If you are especially fond of the color orange then here are some character traits that are sure to be found in you.

Personality Traits Of Orange Lovers

People who love orange are cheerful, pleasant and loyal. They are also quite sociable and like to go out often and make new friends. But again, they also tend to get easily influenced by others' opinions. Other than this, orange lovers are generous and sincere at heart. Even their gestures suggest friendliness and goodwill. Probably the only negative aspect of such people is that they are often overtaken by feelings of meaningless ecstasy.

Psychological Affects Of Orange

  • Orange stimulates ambition and motivates an individual's creative quest.
  • It provokes a sense of self-esteem besides promoting a sense of continuation for fellow beings.
  • If a person is exposed to orange for too long then he might turn restless and suffer a nervous breakdown.
  • Orange also stands for nourishment and represents an attractive force between elements.

Physiological Effects Of Orange

Following are the physiological effects of color orange:

  • It helps improve appetite in individuals.
  • It encourages and induces sleep.
  • It helps increase the rate of blood flow.
  • When combined with blue, it induces a feeling of stillness and serenity.

Orange is a blend of yellow and red and has various shades in its light and dark forms. Even as a classifier, orange is extremely important in helping a person make a buying decision.