Mango And Its Relation With Fruit Astrology

Fruit astrology is a fashionable nowadays. This form of astrology tells more about the personality traits of individuals depending on likes and dislikes in fruits. A detailed study of character traits helps a person learn more about inner and outer self.

Here is something that you should know about mangoes!

More On Mango

Mangoes grow on trees that can reach 30-40 meters in height. The trees have a crown radius of about 10 meters. An evergreen tree with dark green leaves generally fruits in the summer months. The flowers of the tree are small and white and have a mild sweet smell. Once laden with fruit, the tree takes almost 4-6 months for the fruit to ripen.

The ripe fruit has a variable size and color. The color of the fruit can range from yellow, orange, red or even green. Though the fruit is eaten all over the world, the top mango producer in the world is India.

Mango - Fruit Astrology

  • Mango lovers are people with fixed ideas. They cannot be easily influenced.
  • They are also extremists with strong likes and dislikes.
  • They like to control situations. Hence they are not very good followers.
  • Mango lovers love activities that mentally challenge them.

The above might make you feel that people who love to eat mangoes are snobs and have an extremely strong will. But here you are wrong, as there is another aspect to them as well, and that is; Mango lovers are quite timid where their love life is concerned. They accommodate to changes happily and are very giving too.