Lucky Charms: Do We Need Them Or Not?

From the stone ages to the modern era, mankind has always held belief in supernatural powers of talismans, amulets, gemstones, figurines, paintings, etc. for a better living. The positive energy generated by these charms is supposed to fight the negativities surrounding a person and making his/ her life peaceful.

They are also supposed to be beneficial in improving relationships and bringing prosperity. There are a few charms that enhance a person's spirituality and make him/her a stronger being. There are many experts in this field who have been going through the old scriptures and have done extensive study to prove the worth of these charms.

Each charm has its own positive energy and the purpose of each one of them is meant to be different. A Horse shoe put at the entrance of a door is believed to bring prosperity and wealth in the house. The Laughing Buddha, a Chinese "fengshui" lucky charm, is supposed to bring happiness and peace along with wealth. In Hindu mythology, swastika, which is a symbolic representation of lord Ganesha, is another lucky sign used extensively in all houses.

Similarly chanting the "om" or "aum" mantra brings inner peace. The wooden beads called "rudraksh" are another lucky mascot that bestow the wearer with spiritual strength, good health and make it easy to attain material success. Oak tree nut is a lucky factor in bringing the opposite sexes together.

Similarly, key is supposed to be another fate enhancer which has the magical power of opening all doors of success. There are lots of other destiny enhancers but what is suitable for a particular person can only be decided by the experts in this field.

Though there are lots of discussions over these fate enhancers but the basic question is whether these charms do prove worthy or not. There are two widely discussed theories explaining their powers.

According to the first theory, the charms restrict the negative energies surrounding an individual in a particular situation and then spread their own positive aura so that the surroundings become beneficial. This helps a person in gaining all kind of spiritual and materialistic gains and makes one happy.

The second theory says that the charm has a psychological impact on an individual. Once the charm is worn, then the whole psyche of the individual becomes positive and he/she starts seeing things from a completely different perspective. The person becomes more confident and happy. All these factors by themselves contribute to the growth of that person, both spiritually and materialistically.

There are many theories supporting this fact and an even bigger number of fortune enhancers available in the market. The choice of owning one is individual. Nobody can prove the magical powers of these fate enhancers as there is no scientific measure for them. But at the same time, no one can deny their powerful effect on an individual. The effect might be in the form of positive energy transmission or a positive motivation that boosts a person's morale. The bottom line is that these charms do have some kind of power over mankind. And if the end is well, then why should one worry about the means.