Horse shoe

Horse shoe is a piece of iron shaped like the alphabet "u" and is a protective covering for a horse's hoof. Though, horse shoe originated with a protective purpose for the horse's foot, it became a lucky mascot for the humans. Horse shoe is assumed to have magical powers in warding off evil from a house and bringing luck to its owner.

There are lots of countries where it is believed that if a horse shoe is placed at the top right hand corner of the main entrance of a house, it brings good luck. When it is placed at the north facing end of an apartment, it not only brings good luck but also enhances the spiritual values of the owner of the apartment.

Some traditions believe in keeping the horse shoe pointed upwards, indicating that luck will be contained in the house. Whereas, at a few places, it is pointed downwards at the door implying that good fortune may pour into the house. In some other customs, it is believed that the position of horse shoe does not matter but the presence itself is enough to bring luck and spirituality.

At lots of places, it is believed that the luck with horse shoe only comes when it is not bought, or in other words, either someone gifts it to you or it is stolen or picked up. However, the luck belongs to the owner only and not the person who steals it or the person who gives it. In a few countries, it is also believed that if one enters a house with a horse shoe at the door, then the guests have to leave from the same door, otherwise all the good fortune will go away.

The folk tales say that horse shoes were used for keeping the Fairies and outwardly creatures away from the house. The benefits of this charm are endless and so are the stories. But the bottom line is that owning one will not cause harm and might even prove lucky.