Is Green Your Favorite Color?

The preference of a single color over other colors reveals a lot about an individual. If you love the color green then read on to know more about your personality traits and how this color can have an everlasting effect on your physiological and psychological being.

Personality Traits

People who love green color are dutiful and obedient. They are aware of and sensitive to their social customs and have a good name in the community they reside in. Moreover, they are honest, truthful and straightforward in their approach to life. People who love green also have the potential to become outstanding instructors. They have a normal sex life and are extremely attached to their families.

Psychological Effects Of Green

Green represents the joyous colors of nature. So people who love green are also cheerful by nature. The color also provides a revitalizing touch especially for those people who suffer from mental exhaustion. Yellowish green stimulates generous feelings, while spring green is a messenger of life. On the negative front, green represents jealousy and its darker shades are known to be extremely depressing.

Physiological Effects Of Green

  • Green facilitates the production of blood histamine which eventually helps dilate blood vessels and contracting muscles like the lungs.
  • It helps reduce allergic reactions to food and additives.
  • It is effective in reducing uneasiness that can arise from disorders like eczema, gastrointestinal problems and diarrhea.
  • The color green also stimulates the release of vision chemicals that help improve eyesight.
  • Surgical green is the reverse color of blood and exposed tissue and thus facilitates a surgeon's vision.