Four Leaved Clover: A Fortune Enhancer

Four leaved clover is considered a very common good luck charm in the western countries. It is a very rare variation of a three leaved clover. It has been closely associated with St. Patrick's Day and it is believed that he used to represent the Holy Trinity with it. It is also believed that whenever leaving paradise, he took along a four leaved clover for good fortune.

There have been lots of benefits associated with the four leaved clover. People say that the benefits lie in the multiplicity of the leaves. Three leaved clover represents good health. But the other explanation is that clover, as such, has medicinal values. Four leaved clover is for good luck and five leaved clover is for happy marriage.

Each leaf is believed to represent something that has its own significance. The first leaf builds hope in the finder for success in life i.e. it builds up confidence of a person, the second leaf represents success in love and relationship, the third leaf is for bestowing faith and the fourth represents good luck and fortune.

People in western countries have a great belief in the spiritual value of this lucky charm. But there are experts who offer a scientific explanation and believe that clover is very good for health and good health leads to positivism which ultimately leads to success.

However, it is believed that you can't buy it as luck can't be bought. It is also believed that you are supposed to accidentally chance upon it for luck to befall on you.

With hard work and other elements required for success, luck too is very important. People in all cultures and nations agree to this and have faith in different amulets, talismans, jewelry, crystals, figurines, paintings etc.

However, any object that gives you positive energy and motivation should be considered as lucky whether it is a part of your faith or not. The basic motive is achieving success.