Coconut And Its Relation With Fruit Astrology

If you are unaware of what fruit astrology is all about then let us tell them what it is. Fruit astrology is all about knowing the personality traits of an individual depending upon his likes and dislikes in fruits. Sounds strange, doesn't it! Well, it certainly isn't, as fruit astrology is fast gaining recognition all over the world.

Here we would learn about the connection of the fruit coconut, with fruit astrology. But before that, let us learn something more about coconuts.

More About Coconut

A coconut is a simple dry nut also called the fibrous drupe. It contains the husk, the inner stone and the thick coconut meat. This meat is the white and fleshy part of the seed that we eat. It contains lesser fat that all other dry nuts but is rich in saturated fat.

The only states in the US where coconut palms are found are the Hawaii and the Florida. The coconut palms require sandy soil and minimal water to prevent root rot. Moreover, the palms cannot grow in extreme cold climates.

Coconut - Fruit Astrology

  • If you love this fleshy sweet fruit then you probably are quite a thoughtful and a contemplative person.
  • Other than this, you enjoy socializing and are extremely particular about the kind of company you have.
  • You are stubborn though not rash and reckless.
  • You are also shrewd, quick-witted and an alert individual.
  • You ensure that through your behavior you remain at the top of everything.
  • You look up to passion being important in a relationship but you want to a brainy partner too.