Cherry And Its Relation With Fruit Astrology

Fruit astrology reveals an individual's character traits through his likes and dislikes in fruits. This knowledge helps him discover his inner and outer self. Read on to know more about yourself, if you love cherries.

But before unveiling the personality traits of all cherry lovers, let us learn some thing more about this tiny fruit.

More About Cherries

Cherries are fleshy fruits that contain a single seed. They have a long growing season and can grow almost anywhere including the cold tundra regions. You would mostly find a lot of fresh and ripe cherries in the summer months in America. Cherry trees are the first to ripen in North America.

The red pigment in cherries is called anthocyanins. This pigment helps reduce pain and inflammation and is also a known potent antioxidant.

Cherry - Fruit Astrology

  • If cherry is your favorite fruit then life would not be extremely kind to you always.
  • You would have to face your share of ups and downs particularly in your professional life.
  • More often than not you would find that you are able to make only a small amount of money when you expected to make a lump sum.
  • You have a fertile imagination and often get involved in various creative recreational activities.
  • As a partner, you are extremely loyal and sincere but are not very expressive.
  • Home is where you heart is. You also enjoy being surrounded by you family, friends and your partner at all times.