The Significance Of Brown Color

Your liking for a particular color over other colors can reveal a lot about your inner and outer self. If you love the color brown, then read on to know more about the kind of individual you are.

Personality Traits

People who love brown are extremely meticulous, both at work and in their personal lives as well. They are also quite thrifty when it comes to spending loads of money and are extremely obstinate in their beliefs too. Other than that they are reliable and composed individuals who would not act hastily in taking decisions. They are also experienced traders who would more than often strike the best bargain through their talents.

Psychological Effects Of Brown

  • Brown is the color of mother earth and has a strong relationship with fertility.
  • Because of its heavy nature, one must not use brown for their draperies and dresses.
  • Brown does not favor the vital forces of life, and also signifies corruption and dissolution.
  • A totally different aspect to this color is that in its dull shade it represents the plane from which loveliness arises. Thus, the color brown acts as a perfect background for artifacts.
  • It is also an environment friendly color and thus inspires a sense of security. Besides it is the perfect surrounding color for day to day activities as its positivity helps the body and the mind.

Physiological Effects Of Brown

  • It helps reduce mental depression by eliminating fatigue and irritation.
  • It also promotes the production of neurotransmitters.
  • It helps increase the production of amino acids that in turn promote sleep, reduce migraine headaches and increase immunity levels.