Do You Love The Color Blue?

The choice of a particular color over other colors can divulge a lot about a person's characteristics. If your personal choice of color is blue then read on to know some more about your self and the physiological effects of the color blue.

Personality Traits Of Blue Lovers

People who love the color blue are meditative, thoughtful and purposeful. Even under stressful conditions, such people hold on to their conventional beliefs and prefer to withdraw into a safer environment. Lovers of blue color have a lot of control over their passion and desire and are extremely sensitive to the needs of their fellow beings. In friendship, they are loyal but nevertheless prefer to lead a restrained life.

Psychological Effects Of Blue

Here are some psychological effects that blue can have over you:

  • Majestic blue is the color of the heavens. It instills a feeling of truth and immense harmony in a person.
  • Blue also suggests a sense of calmness and even tends to put extreme passion to rest.
  • Blue clothing can stimulate a protective instinct in men, besides preventing women from tanning.
  • When in combination with green, it can lead to a sudden outburst of ingenuity.
  • On the darker side, too much blue can lead to a lot of depression.

Physiological Effects Of Blue

  • Blue is considered the most soothing of all colors.
  • Its presence stimulates the brain to release hormones known as neurotransmitters which in turn induce a calming effect on the entire body.
  • It also slows down the pulse rate and reduces body temperature thus lowering levels of perspiration.