The Truth Behind Astrology Predictions

The subject of astrology predictions continues to split the society into two schools of thought. The first one, the size of which continues to grow, comprises of people who believe in astrology. The degree of belief varies from person to person; nevertheless, they think there is some truth in astrology. The second group comprises of the so-called rationalists and other non-believers of astrological practices. The size of this group continues to shrink - surprisingly, given the technological advances.

Both sides have not yet managed to prove their side of reasoning convincingly or disprove the other group's reasoning. The practice of fraudulent astrologers spoils the arguments of the former while there are many unanswered questions in the latter's otherwise solid reasoning. Amidst all these, astrology predictions on the newspapers and the internet remain a constant source of hope, warning, and advice to many people.

The Science Behind Astrology

Astronomy researchers and scientists are hesitant to admit that astrology is a long lost sibling of astronomy or both have been cut from the same umbilical chord. Astronomy is a vast subject, while astrology is based on a small portion of astronomy. The basis of astrology is the position of the planets, stars, and moon on a particular time and location. Up to this part, there is not much difference between astrology and astronomy.

The problems start when astrologers talk about the influence of the position and alignment of heavenly bodies on the character, behavior, and luck of an individual. Not all astronomy scientists subscribe to this theory of planetary influence on humans. While some scientists do believe that there is indeed some kind of influence, even they are not quite sure about the accuracy of astrology predictions.

Reasons For The Popularity Of Astrology

It is not possible to prove the influence of stars, planets, and moon on the destiny of human beings. Even entities like destiny, fate, and luck are non-quantifiable in a scientific point of view. Despite the lack of scientific evidence, a large number of people find the daily horoscope and personality profiles provided by the astrology reports reasonably accurate and matching with most of the actual character traits they see in themselves. Therefore, they tend to believe that astrology predictions will also be reasonably accurate and realistic.

In addition, the fear and insecurities of the human mind play an important role in the popularity of astrology. People have an innate curiosity to know the future, as well.

How To Make The Best Use Of Astrology

One cannot wait for the scientific confirmation and acceptance of astrology into the legion of sciences. It may never happen. However, for those who are interested and believe in astrology, this is an excellent way to guide their life and business, and to find compatible relationships.

For getting reliable results from astrology, one has to take special care of two aspects. The first is in providing accurate information. The place of birth, date of birth, and time of birth are fundamental details. If any of these details is wrong, the astrology predictions can go way off the mark. The second aspect is to hire a reliable and competent astrologer. While they are not rare species, they are not available in abundance either. One can find many reliable astrology websites on the internet too.